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‘Justice League’ press-conference in London + more

Gal and her ‘Justice League‘ co-stars had a press-conference in London back on November 3rd, but we’ve got the photos today. She wore a red dress and looked amazing as always. I also uploaded two photos of Gal from ‘Justice League’ experience and 3 photos from today – backstage at an interview for Entertainment Weekly. See below.

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‘Justice League’ photocall in London

Today Gal Gadot and her ‘Justice League‘ co-stars had a photocall in London, where they promoted their movie. I really like Gal’s dress, it’s so cute. I’ve added 185 photos in the gallery.

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Magazine scans added in the gallery

The premiere of ‘Justice League‘ movie is on November 17th and Gal and her co-stars were featured in a few magazines. Check the scans below.

55808273_1.jpg 001~33.jpg 001~34.jpg 0001.jpg

Gal Gadot’s full photoshoot for Glamour UK’s December issue

I’ve found 3 new photos from Gal’s photoshoot for Glamour UK‘s December issue and I decided to upload the full session to the gallery. One of the photos looks a little bit weird, because it was a black&white photo, but I colorized it. Check out the photos below.

Recent events

Yesterday (27th of October) Gal and her ‘Justice League‘ co-stars had a fan-meeting in Beijing, China and then they visited one of the country’s most famous sightseeings – The Temple of Heaven. See the photos that I’ve uploaded below.

55178470_01.jpg 55178518_02.jpg 55171670_picturepub_justiceleaguecast_27oct2017_templeofheaven-7.jpg 55172468_01.jpg

‘Justice League’ Premiere in Beijing, China

Along with the press-conference, today was also the premiere of ‘Justice League‘ movie in Beijing, China. I’ve uploaded 69 MQ and HQ photos to the gallery.

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‘Justice League’ Press-Conference in Beijing, China

Today a ‘Justice League‘ press-conference was held in Beijing, China. Gal Gadot, along with her co-stars Ben Affleck, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller and Henry Cavill were answering fans’ questions. I’ve uploaded 28 photos in the gallery, unfortunately they are with low and medium quality.

Glamour UK Magazine Scans

Gal Gadot is on the cover of Glamour UK Magazine‘s December issue. I’ve added 4 photos in the gallery, hoping to get more soon and in higher quality.

First update in the gallery

All night I’ve been updating the gallery with the latest photos of Gal from this year and I’ve uploaded more than 2000 photos. Check them out below:

026~5.jpg 5.jpg 53404573_2017_11_01_empire_71.jpg 53404571_2017_11_01_empire_70.jpg